Collect-IT Extends Collections Capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers a huge world of business management tools, but its capabilities are extended exponentially by the vast sea of independent software vendor (ISV) solutions that have been developed for use with GP. Today we're going to take a look at a collections solution that has been developed by Dynavistics, Inc. to work seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Dynavistics participated in the National Association of Credit Managers' 118th Credit Congress and Expo in Orlando, Florida, this month. Dynavistics is a Preferred Partner of the NACM. They gave a real-time demonstration of their Collect-IT solution there, along with complimentary hand-rolled cigars. Collect-IT delivers automated collection strategies and accurate, efficient reporting for credit and collection professionals.

Collect-IT reduces manual labor and saves a dramatic amount of time involved in the collection of overdue invoices. It is easy to use due to intuitive screens that track tasks and call lists while calculating data. It can automatically identify potentially delinquent accounts before they actually reach delinquency. The solution is customizable to suit unique business needs.

Dynavistics has developed a spectrum of solutions that extend Microsoft Dynamics GP, including the Sell-IT mobile sales order entry app and the Trinity distribution modules for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Sell-IT was just released in January.

But all of these solutions from Dynavistics are just a few of the thousands of specific solutions that extend the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP. Whatever your industry, however unique your business needs, Microsoft Dynamics GP can be tailored and extended to meet those needs.

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