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Business Intelligence: Better Dashboards Means Better Insight

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When running a business, it is often difficult to get a complete view of your overall profitability and cash flow. As you grow and add clients, vendors, and new products, you need access to the information that matters most to your business. To be successful you need the ability to not only gain insight from your business data, but also have the information delivered in clear, meaningful ways. This is why when it comes to dashboards in your accounting solution – bigger is not always better. Yes, you need to gather lots of disparate information, but unless that information can be curated into a format that shows you the key data, it is of little value.


Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you by making sure the right information is delivered to the right people in your organization. By using Dynamics GP, and working with the right partner for implementation, you can easily have

Reporting specific to team roles: Employeescansee current performance and compare it to previous periods, while looking only at data and reports specifically related to their task or role.

Easy to use Charts and KPIs: With Dynamics GP, you can see the performance of your business quickly and easily, with the ability to drill into more detail when you need additional information.

Ad-hoc Query and Analysis: Dynamics GP has strong analysis capabilities that work very well with Excel. This enables your team to do ad-hoc queries fast without any outside assistance. Compare budget to actuals, analyze the information and make adjustments all within an easy to use tool.


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By Intellitec Solutions, a Delaware and Pennsylvania based Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL Partner

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