3 Top Reasons to Upgrade Your ERP Software

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Whether you are thinking of moving forward with an ERP project or trying to figure out which ERP software to choose, you should always know some of the benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning Software such as the suite of Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions.

Synchronization Made Easy

One of the benefits of using an ERP solution is the synchronization of a company’s software that is used on a daily basis. With fully integrated software, a company can generate real time reports and see how their company is performing in certain areas instantly. Increased access to valuable corporate data delivers a clear, global view of the business that drives continuous improvement strategies and establishes common performance metrics geared toward gauging the health of the business. This benefit is especially important for Retail industries as they are constantly updating inventory and sales.

Simple and Powerful Financial Tools

Another benefit of Enterprise Resource Planning is the financial management tools that come along with it. By eliminating human error, generating financial reports through automation, and incorporating regulatory compliance, companies can increase efficiency of their firm's financial operations. Corporations can also gather information from throughout the organization and create a number of customized reports.

Smart Marketing

A third benefit of an ERP software is the positive effect it can have on your marketing team. Without a centralized system for coordinating resources, direct customer communications, print media advertising, event sponsorship and other marketing-led activities, all the data can soon overwhelm Marketing Managers and staff. An Enterprise Resource Planning system can effectively manage campaigns and track results while integrating Marketing, Sales, Finance, and other departments of your company.

There are many ERP benefits that the list is actually quite extensive and cannot be fully expanded upon in this one blog post. There are also many other software solutions out there ranging from small business to enterprise scale systems. So no matter your size, ERP has benefits for every type of company.

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