What’s Coming Next from Microsoft Dynamics GP?

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Globally, since the beginning of the year, approximately 37,752,516 bicycles have been manufactured, about 669,121 book titles have been published, and around 79,078,420 computers have been sold. Today alone, 85,968,206,527 emails have been sent, 1,369,040,581,789 MWh of solar energy have struck the earth, and 1,620,121 blog posts have been written. These are some global statistics as of about 11:07 am on April 9th, 2014, estimated by various academic and economic agencies and reported by Worldometers through the Real Time Statistics Project. In the ten minutes required to write this paragraph, many of these numbers changed significantly. On both a global scale and individual scale, we are endlessly leaping into the future at an immeasurably fast rate.


Improvements in computer software are yet another part of this breakneck race toward whatever comes “next.” Who can say how many minor adjustments have been made in lines of code since the beginning of 2014, or how many will be made before 2015? As business solutions experts, it is part of our company’s responsibility to keep pace with our particular slice of this software progress in order to deliver the best possible products and service to our customers.


In February, members of our team  attended the Microsoft Dynamics GP Now and Next Tour at its stop in Seattle. We reviewed some details about what has made Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 so successful, as well as features added by Service Packs 1 and 2 (SP1 and SP2). Most excitingly, we learned about features that will be new to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2, which is scheduled to be released by the end of May, and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, which should be released by December of this year.


Some of the highlights of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 will include replacing the pre-existing workflow with a new, dex-based system. There will also be new capabilities for taking the company fully offline in order to complete certain types of system maintenance without disruption. In addition, it will become possible to print and email documents and reports in one step, as well as convert reports into MS Word documents, convert OLE notes to doc attach, and scan documents directly to doc attach from a scanner. Within the distribution module, it will be able to assign an item to multiple sites and print SSRS reports from Encumbrance forms. These are just a few of the anticipated features - our team learned about the numerous other small enhancements that will distinguish R2, with its significant changes, from a regular service pack.


Although there are fewer details available regarding Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, we did learn about some of the major advances that are underway. These include more than 30 customer scenario-based features, such as processing multiple Purchase Order prepayments, simple EFT enhancements, load balancing enhancements, and streamlined asset continuity reporting. In even bigger news, Microsoft GP 2015 will include transformational architecture that will position Microsoft Dynamics GP to run natively on Azure, and expand Partner and ISV capabilities to build mobile and companion applications and integrate to anything. To sum up, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 will focus on service-based architecture, allowing availability on multiple platforms, and integrating seamlessly with cloud-based applications.


At any given moment in 2014, more than seven billion people will be eating, drinking coffee, talking, and generally living their individual lives. Many of these people will interact with computer technology on a semi-regular basis, and some will be working to improve software. Who knows how many lines of code will be changed this year? It may be impossible for any individual to learn about all of these improvements, but our team is dedicated to keeping up to speed with Microsoft Dynamics GP as it exists now, and as it will become next.


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