What is ERP and How Will It Change My Business ?

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Forward - Looking ERP WhitepaperSome companies go years, even decades without using ERP software and may even believe they are doing just fine without it. Others may use basic accounting software and think ERP is really no different. The truth is ERP (enterprise resource planning) software does much more than just accounting, and it can actually change your business in very profound ways when implemented correctly.

Not just any ERP system will help change your business positively. You need a forward-looking ERP that is on the cutting edge of both technological development and also business innovation. In particular, a modern ERP system should take advantage of mobile technology, which most business professionals now depend on to stay connected when away from the office.

58 percent of American adults own a smartphone and that statistic is likely to increase over time, particularly as a new generation of youth who have never known life without a smartphone emerge. Already 83 percent of adults ages 18-29 own smartphones and they are the current and future work force that will need access to ERP on the go.

Mobile ERP can increase efficiency and give professionals better connectivity to deeper business relationships. A salesperson meeting with a customer at a coffee shop can complete a sale right there, as soon as the customer is convinced, rather than having to say, "I'll take this back to the office and finish it up for you ASAP". With mobile ERP, professionals can get work done wherever they are and complete sales faster.

To learn more about how ERP can help change your business, download the white paper "5 Ways a Forward-Looking ERP Will Change Your Business" from Socius.com.

By Socius, an ERP Provider in Ohio (https://www.socius1.com)

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