Pitfall #5 – AP Automation for Dynamics

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It’s been a while since I posted on this topic, so here’s a little recap of the first 4 pitfalls:

  1. Know your environment –Look inside your company before looking outside.
  2. Select a service provider – There are a few things you can do to make sure you get the right automation partner.
  3. Get organized – Once you have the facts (numbers), it is time to execute.
  4. The project – With AP Automation, there are a few different types of projects.

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Pitfall #5 – Communication

I am a big fan of communication. Other than writing books on automation, I wrote an eBook on presenting, which gives tips on effective communication. It’s amazing how a few little strategies can make a huge difference when it comes to communication. With AP Automation and your invoice vendors, there are a few things you can do to help greatly improve your communication.

Thing 1 - Hoops

The more you make the vendor do in order to comply with your new process, the more headaches you will have to get the process up and running.

Thing 2 - Change

Limit the change to the vendor. The type of change that I am referring to is making the vendor add or move information on the invoice in order to use the new service. I have found a direct relationship between the amount of information you make the vendor change and the length of your implementation process.

Thing 3 - The Key

The key here is preparation. The more information you can get to your vendor before the change takes place, the better off they are. Now, be careful about this one, because you don't want to give them too much information. Too much information will cause a lot of questions and a lot of confusion. I counsel companies to first execute on the smallest change with the biggest impact. An example of that is a change of address. If that's all you need to do, then that’s all you should communicate with the vendor.

Thing 4 - Options

Providing the vendor with options on how they can send in the invoice is the secret to success. The more options they have, the higher the adoption rate. Options can include email, vendor portal, self-scan, you scan and electronic… the more the merrier.


Greatly limiting the change to the vendor results in a faster and more efficient implementation of AP Automation and will limit your stress remarkably. It’s all about communication, communication, communication.

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