GP Web-Client Security Flaw

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Due to the popularity of the AWESOME Dynamics GP Web-Client, there are more and more desktop computers that have Microsoft Silverlight installed.  Silverlight is a Microsoft technology for developing "rich web client" applications, such as the GP Web Client.   Some other common applications which use Silverlight include Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The last major release of Silverlight was back in 2011, and at that point Microsoft said there would be no further updates, although the technology would be supported until 2021.  They have continued to provide security fixes.  The complete list is here:

The new security flaw is in Silverlight, and it can be used to gain access to your computer.  Although it was patched by Microsoft in March, attacks continued to spike in late April, indicating a large number of unpatched Silverlight installations (more on the attack here).

If your computer is set to install Windows Updates automatically, you probably have already received the latest update.  However, due to a number of other concerns, corporate systems may not be configured to update automatically.

How do you know if you have Silverlight installed?  Go to the Start button >> All Programs >> Microsoft Silverlight.

If the program appears in that location, launch it.  On Silverlight's About window you will see the version number:

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If you have Version 5.1.30214.0 or higher, you are current.

If you do not have the current version, visit the Silverlight website.  It will verify your current version, and if needed, update you to the current build.

If your corporate machine does not have the current version, please contact your IT administrator.


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