Complying with the Affordable Healthcare Act Using Microsoft Dynamics GP

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The Affordable Healthcare Act affects businesses large to small and the Human Resources module in Microsoft Dynamics GP can help your business track the information you need to report to the government.

Businesses are now required to track:

o   Calculation of full-time employees and full-time equivalents

A full-time employee is considered to work 2080 hours a year (52 weeks times 40 hours per week). Part-time employee hours are considered as a fraction of 2080 and are added together to get a total number of full-time equivalents.

o   Calculation of employees' eligibility for health care benefits

o   Amount paid for health care by employers (the  w-2 box 12 -DD).

o   Analysis of the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit


There are a few different ways to gather the information that you need to report to the government. The following reports will give you the majority of the information you’re looking for:

o   Time clock information (average hours worked over 30)

o   UPR30300 detail by check, employee, code, year

o   UPR30301 summary by month

o   Employee Pay History report (this report is already in the system and includes hours worked, pay, reporting options, etc)

If you’re a small business that isn’t required to offer health insurance and your employees signed up through the health care exchange, you do need to track that information. In their HR profile, create a new field and enter in their new insurance information.

Additional information and reports can be pulled from the employee master table in the HR module.

More information on using Microsoft Dynamics GP for compliance with the Affordable Healthcare Act can be found on this video from Terry Heley of Microsoft.

Mike, one of the consultants at Stoneridge Software, is building a report that will help employers calculate the average hours worked in order to determine health care eligibility. If you would like this report, please contact us.

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