Cash Management Upgrades in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

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The more you can do with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution, the better your business will be. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 provides extra benefits for end-users, including cash management upgrades.
Here are cash management upgrades we enjoy:

  1. Export Payment Data

This upgrade provides the ability to export payment data in an electronic bank file. When bank payment instructions are managed directly in NAV, the user gets better control over the payment process.

  1. Register Payments Using Payment Registration

NAV 2013 now offers less manual entry of data and faster access to overview information about accounts receivable. Users can register incoming payments in the way that payments are handled in their business, and gain control of their business through increased efficiency in cash registrations and financial overview.

  1. Data Exchange Framework

The upgrade enables the import of delimited bank statement files and the export of data to bank payment files in delimited and fixed-width formats. Partners can add or modify file’s format definition and how file’s elements map to field in NAV. When such a data exchange is created in the framework, users can import the bank statement file or export the bank payment file in question.


Data Exchange Framework supports the following capabilities:

  • Export Payment Data to a Bank File

Users can export payment data to an electronic bill filed. Users gain the ability to integrate electronically with a bank and gain high efficiency in the end-to-end payment process. When payment instructions to the bank are managed directly in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the user gets better control over financial processes.

  • Automatic Payment Registration

With this brand new feature, users gain the ability to work with payment registration in an automated way. The result is increased efficiency in the payment registration process, which in turn makes it easy to keep data about the cash situation in the company continuously updated. With good and accurate control of payment registrations, the periodic bank reconciliation process becomes easer as well.


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By Sikich, Microsoft Dynamics Partner,

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