Businesses in the Industrial Sector Can Increase Earning Potential with an Integrated B2B Web Store

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It was recently predicted by Forrester that online retail sales will reach $414 billion by 2018. While this statistic pertains to retailers who sell directly to consumers, that doesn’t mean B2B organizations should overlook the earning potential a web store could bring them. In 2013, B2B eCommerce was a $559 billion industry, twice the size of B2C eCommerce in 2013, which had sales amounting to $252 billion, according to Forrester. Open an integrated B2B web store today and start selling online with your business in the industrial sector.

To successfully open and run an online store as a B2B organization in the industrial sector, an eCommerce website with integration to Microsoft Dynamics ERP can provide all the tools necessary. Combining these two pieces, Microsoft Dynamics ERP and an online store, means a business will only have to manage one database, which makes it easy to manage a large number of SKUs and doesn’t accrue high operational costs. Likewise, any changes made in the ERP to price or inventory will be reflected on the virtual storefront in real-time.

With an integrated B2B web store, customers can also use a secure portal to log in to that will increase their ability to self-serve. Once logged in, customers can view specific product catalogs assigned to them or all inventory can be displayed, depending on what best fits each business’ model. Customers will have the ability to reorder past orders or quickly add items to their shopping cart using an excel file with Order Express, a feature of k-eCommerce. Customers are increasingly valuing self-service channels. In the fall of 2013, Intershop polled 400 senior IT and business decision makers from B2B organizations. The research found that three out of five of these respondents thought that B2B commerce was shifting from offline to online self-service portals. Further, 44 percent of respondents thought that bringing customers from offline to online could lead to an increase in return customers along with stronger brand loyalty.

In addition to the above mentioned benefits, an integrated eCommerce website will deliver a complete ordering and tracking system, instant access to inventory and pricing and the ability to pay for purchases with a credit card, ACH account or via EFT from the web store. Web stores are customizable and further add to an omni-channel business approach.

All these tools allow customers to order at their convenience, which saves them time. These online ordering tools also make it easy for customers to track packages with accurate shipping information and to locate an order status from a secure portal. From this portal, customers can also view historical order and payment data. Further, an online store with integration to your Microsoft Dynamics ERP creates a more informed customer who is aware of a business’ entire product catalog.

Open your integrated online store today with k-eCommerce. To learn more about the k-eCommerce solution, watch this brief video.

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