Advanced Shipment Management for Microsoft Dynamics SL

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The Advanced Shipment Management module for Microsoft Dynamics SL enables you to create shipping labels, build shipment detail, charge shipments, and much more. It adds precise and efficient shipment functionality to the Order Management module for Microsoft Dynamics SL. The Advanced Shipment Management module is available a la carte for the Advanced Management edition of Microsoft Dynamics SL.

Advanced Shipment Management delivers what its name says: wider and tighter management of shipping information. Provide the data for an advance ship notice document and give trading partners the ability to scan bar codes to identify box contents, pallet location, and shipment details such as carrier, size, and weight.

You can build shipment detail automatically. While you're creating and printing the pick ticket for an order, you can build detailed shipment information quickly, easily, and flexibly, then print it on UCC-128 compliance labels. Create bills of lading and track shipments online.

The solution is easy to customize to your needs. Simply activate it and choose your setup options, including weight and dimension calculations, container specifications, carton breaks, and label requirements. You can build pallets, assign tare levels, change shipments, and even build shipment detail if container setup options are not activated. Review your pallet hierarchy and print pallet labels.

Stay on top of shipment status. You can quickly check shipment status by searching on PO numbers, serial container IDs, or tracking numbers. Drill down to shipment detail on the bill of lading or open the shipper details to access your carrier's online tracking system via your web browser.

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