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The Difference between Human Resources and Extended Human Resources & Payroll in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 includes a pretty comprehensive Human Resource module that lets you manage payroll, direct deposit, PTO and keep records on all employees and applicants. So why would you pay more to add Extended Human Resources and Payroll?

Mike, a consultant at Stoneridge Software with nearly 10 years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics GP, broke down the differences between HR and Advanced HR.

“Basic HR”, which is included with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, gives you:

  • applicant tracking
  • injury tacking
  • reviews
  • grievances
  • I-9
  • FLMA
  • cobra
  • expanded benefits/deductions
  • basic test/skill tracking
  • time and attendance for vacation tracking

 The following chart showcases some of the main differences between the included HR module and the Extended module.

Human Resources Module Extended Human Resources & Payroll
Certification and License Tracking Basic test and skill tracking Detailed tracking of licenses, certifications, and immunizations along with better reporting options. Very useful if you need to track driver licenses, trucking licensing or certifications like first aid. A lot of manufacturing, construction or healthcare companies will use these features to make sure their employees have all the proper certifications, licensing or vaccinations.
Vacation 24 different accrual buckets, SICK, VACATION, FLOAT HOLIDAYS, COMP TIME. All can accrue and hold different balances and four categories can print on your employee’s paycheck. Only tracks vacation and sick
Accrual Schedules Ability to set up accrual schedules so an employee accrues graduated levels of leave. For example, until an employee reaches 2 years of employment they accrue 3 hours per pay period. After they reach 2 years, they automatically accrue 4 hours per pay period. Accruals can be set up based on hours worked. This is particularly helpful for companies who give PTO to part-time employees. For example, once an employee reaches 480 hours, they accrue .05 PTO per hour worked and once they reach 2080 hours, they automatically receive .1 per hour worked.
Maximum PTO/Sick Time Ability to set a maximum number of hours an employee can have before they stop accruing. Ability to set a maximum number of hours an employee can have before they stop accruing.
Carry Over PTO/Sick Time No carry-over process, so any hours accrued above the cut off limit will need to be manually removed. For example, an employee can accrue any amount of PTO but by the first of the year, can only have a maximum of 200 hours. Any PTO above 200 hours is taken away if not used. Ability to set up a carry-over process so any PTO hours in excess of the maximum are automatically deducted on the first of the year or the date you specify.
Hours Pending No process to handle pending PTO hours. (hours the employee accrued but are not able to use until a specific date) Employees will accrue PTO hours in a “pending bucket.” On the date of your choice, those hours will then transfer from pending to available.

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3 Responses to “The Difference between Human Resources and Extended Human Resources & Payroll in Microsoft Dynamics GP”

  1. Hi Valeria –

    Advanced Human Resources is an additional module that needs to be purchased to be accessed. I have a brochure on it here:

    Let us know if we can help you with anything else.
    Sabrina Zimara, DFC Consultants

  2. Valeria Montagut says:

    Hi, good morning! Could you tell me if Advanced HR is an independent module of Dynamics GP (so I’d have to install a cnk file) or I can activate it from the GP register like other standard modules? Thank you in advanced. Regards, Valeria.

  3. Joegay Conteh says:


    Could be in the position provide me with a comprehensive brochure of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 Human Resources Module?

    Thank you very much for your corporation.

    Joegay Conteh.

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