Sparklines--Deceptively Simple

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Your Dynamics ERP has a lot of data and you need to convey a big picture to your decision makers and managers.  What do you do?  Try sparklines--intense, word-sized line graphs.  Sparklines are popping up just about everywhere and for good reason. A lot of information can be packed in a space of about 15 characters wide by 2 to 3 characters high, saving on precious screen real estate in dashboards and graphic visualizations. But like any other visualization, the use of sparklines needs to be well thought out in order to provide meaningful insight instead of just taking up space or, worse, misleading the user.

This post includes a link to noted expert, Edward Tufte's forum post about sparklines.

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By Sandi Forman of BIO Analytics, Corp., Microsoft Dynamics Business Intelligence (BI) Solution Provider

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