Software for the Not For Profit Employee Who Does Everything

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You can tell almost immediately if someone works for a not for profit agency because they know a little (or a lot) about everything. Even though their job title is Accountant they may also be in charge of HR, payroll, audits, taxes, or hiring. Nonprofit employees are dedicated to their mission, even though they can sometimes be pulled in a million different directions.

So what kind of software does the person who does a little of everything need? Microsoft Dynamics GP offers capabilities designed specifically to help associations, membership organizations, charities, churches, arts organizations and other not for profit groups adhere to regulations and controls, manage grants and budgets and improve efficiency. On top of financial tools, it also has the capabilities to help you manage human resources, payroll, inventory, and reporting.

At Stoneridge Software, we have helped not for profit companies throughout the region get a solid grasp on the information and data that make your organization run. With GP, we’ve helped save time, streamline processes and enabled nonprofits to continue to grow without needing to add additional employees.

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