SmartList Designer – Another Great Reporting Tool!

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It’s being touted as “a cool and new way” to create reports. SmartList Designer is the newest offering in GP2013 SP2.

SmartList Designer allows you to create reports based on tables found in Microsoft Dynamics GP and many third party applications.  You can create new SmartLists or copy an existing SmartList. When you are creating your report, SmartList Designer gives you a nice Result Preview of the data without going into the report so you know if you have joined the tables correctly or even have the right table(s) you wanted. This preview ability allows you to decide if your new list is ready to go into production.

SmartList Designer is accessible through the core SmartList window. There is a button marked New that will launch the SmartList Designer feature.

To learn more about SmartList Designer and be guided through the creation of a new SmartList report by using this tool, you can watch this Software Solutions Group demo:

There are many ways to create reports in Dynamics GP. In addition to the core reporting tools found in Dynamics GP, there are also 3rd party products that integrate with GP if the report you are seeking is beyond the scope of the basic SmartLists.

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