On-Premise, BYOL, or Cloud Hosted Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Which One Is Right for Your Business?

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Flexibility is one of the much touted traits when it comes to Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP. NAV handles accounting, distribution, and manufacturing needs. It gives you the option to customize role centers for employees and grows with your business in the event of an acquisition or shift in business direction. And, it can be deployed one of three ways.

If your business requires total ownership and dominion over your data and systems, then on-premise NAV is a good choice. With this on-premise solution you purchase the software and install it on your own hardware. Businesses who have already invested in infrastructure often opt for this.

BYOL (Bring Your Own License)
With the BYOL model you purchase the software and have it installed at a hosted site. There’s no need to invest in hardware and the software is accessible from anywhere. This is a good choice for companies who may have hardware at end of life and don’t want to make a capital investment. And, companies can still capitalize on the software investment by moving it to a hosted environment.

Cloud Hosted
This pay as you go model lets you subscribe to both the software and hardware. With Cloud Hosted NAV you only pay for the actual use of the software based on each user per month, changing your software costs from a capital expense into an operational expense which is budgeted for and can be adjusted if fewer users are required. And, with Cloud Hosted NAV, you have full access to your software – anywhere, at any time.

When choosing a deployment method, it’s always important to first consider your business processes. For example, you may have legacy software that needs to be integrated with the system; with on-premise you’ll always be able to connect to legacy platforms. Or, you may not have the internal IT resources to support an on-premise solution; therefor the cloud hosted option may be a better fit.

Whatever approach you prefer, Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers you choices and puts you in control to choose what’s right for your business.

By Competitive Edge Services, provider of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to businesses in Massachusetts and throughout New England for 15 years



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