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Microsoft Turning its Focus Towards Apps – Business Analyzer Available for Download

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As smartphone and tablet devices plunge into the mainstream on a steady basis, Microsoft is answering the call with an increased focus being placed on the development and release of apps to support their products. When it comes to Microsoft Dynamics GP, their vision is to drive increased productivity, help users resolve IT issues faster, improve customer satisfaction, allow for improved decision making speed, reduce costs and help their clients resolve customer issues faster. And as you can see from their App Roadmap below, Microsoft is coming out of the gates strong focusing on Business Analyzer, Time Management, Procurement and Approvals early on in 2014.


Here, we provide a brief overview of each of the apps that have either already been released, or appear on the near horizon:

Business Analyzer: Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyzer is a familiar and easy to use solution that can help accelerate your business with actionable and engaging business insights across your organization. Available for tablet, PC and phone, this app is tailored for specific roles, providing pre-configured business insights and a user experience that can be personalized to fit your needs. Whether you are in the office or on the go, you can discover and interact with your favorite charts and financial reports or collaborate and share insights to help drive decisions more quickly.

Since its release in 2013, the Business Analyzer app has had over 16,000 downloads which demonstrates how frequently users rely on the app to view up-to-date metrics from Microsoft Dynamics GP using SQL Reporting Services and Excel reports. Users can also perform actions, such as collaboration with others through real-time communication, or by sharing a snapshot, for the data being viewed. And, at any time, users can drill back into the Dynamics GP web client or desktop client for specific information.

Later in the year, Microsoft will continue its app push with the release of Companion Applications that fit the following needs.

Time Management: Gone are the days of manual processes for managing time cards associated with payroll. By simply downloading and installing the Time Management app from the Windows App Store, users will be able to manage their time off quickly and easily, viewing current balances anywhere or any time. What’s more, all the data submitted for time off will be saved in Microsoft Dynamics GP through an application service, so the process flow is consistent.

Procurement: Microsoft developers have created a Procurement app that provides users with the ability to create and view purchase requests while on the go. Users will have the ability to enter as much or as little information as is available when creating a request. All data will be saved directly in Dynamics GP, so the process flow is consistent. And, users will be able to work with any requisition without having to rekey data, saving time.

Approvals: This app will allow users to quickly take action against assigned workflow requests, whether in or out of the office. Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP, users will see what tasks or documents they are assigned to review. Making this app more robust is the built-in functionality to view past actions taken, summary and detail information, while gaining insights through attached reports and supplement information.

Somewhere between December 2014 and January 2015 will be Dynamics GP’s next major release: Dynamics GP 2015. Dynamics GP 2015 will feature “more functionality, more workflow, more apps and a Service Based Architecture that will be the foundation for the further development of Dynamics GP over the next five years,” according to Microsoft’s Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog. So, this handful of apps is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come.

Whether you’re new to Dynamics GP or a seasoned user, I invite you to check out some of our customer success stories of how we’ve helped organizations implement Dynamics GP and improve their business processes.

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