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Iris Schimke, Express Information Systems (Texas Microsoft Dynamics Partner)

Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics

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Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics is an interactive reporting application that financial and business professionals can use to build custom reports and view financial statements. This application helps you accomplish better workflow for your business. Along with creating reports, there are many features that come with Management Reporter. You can instant message and add notes to communicate throughout reports to financial and business professionals. By interacting, you enhance collaboration and sharing of any information as quickly and usefully as possible for your organization.

Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics has key components that help create, display, and schedule reports. Here is a list of components according to the Microsoft TechNet:

  • Report Designer: This component is used to create report building blocks that are combined to define and generate a report. The report wizard guides less experienced users through the design process. Advanced users can create new report building blocks or modify existing building blocks to meet their needs.
  • Desktop Viewer: This is used to organize and view reports and supporting files. It is also used to store the report into the library.
  • Web Viewer: This displays Management Reporter reports in a web browser. The Web Viewer does not require an installation of the application server components.
  • Report Schedules: A user can schedule a single report or a group of reports to generate regularly.
  • Management Reporter database: This SQL database stores the components, known as building blocks, which are used to generate reports. It also stores report definitions and previously generated reports.
  • Application service: This controls access to the data provider and provides connectivity to clients.
  • Process service: This generates the reports that are created and queued by the Management Reporter Client.

With Management Reporter, business users can create their own reports without using any IT assistance and gain strong support for monitoring compliance.  According to Microsoft, “It uses an instinctive tactic to report design combined with a strong architecture and a user interface that will be known to users of other popular Microsoft applications.” It helps you create many different reports fast and efficiently.  This application is exceptional for any business professional setting.

by Express Information Systems

2 Responses to “Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics”

  1. Iris Schimke says:

    The answer is very simple. You need to relate the total row to the label row. If you need help with the, one of our consultants would be happy to assist.

  2. Olga Grishin says:

    I am using GP 2013 and Management Reporter where all our financials are created; the issue I have is to suppress the labels on an income statement when the total of all accounts under this label is zero. I used another software before and could do the following: put a total of all accounts under this label next to the label, made it with white font and added the suppress raw option to the line of this label, but…
    Management Reporter does not give me the option to change the font of only a cell with this total. If I identify the font as white for this total, the label’s color changes as well, meaning there is no this label on income statement when the total is not zero. Therefore our income statement form that we use for a group of companies have a lot of labels without any data under them and instead of the statement in one page (for small company) the income statement consists from 16 pagers (as for the big company) with a lot of labels without data on them. How to avoid it?