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Five years ago, Microsoft announced that they would retire their FRx reporting software and gradually end support, and a new product, Management Reporter (MR), will supplant it. Since 2009, tens of thousands of finance groups are hanging onto the reporting product that has been around since 1984. However, accounting teams and executives must make the important decision about how to continue running reports without FRx. Navigating that decision can be tedious and time-consuming, and requires some thinking about the future growth and development of the company. Replacing FRx with Management Reporter (MR) might be the easiest transition, but there are several things to consider when moving the company’s Business Intelligence (BI) needs to another software.


Arguably, migrating to MR as a report writer is a simple replacement, while it might be time for a noticeable upgrade. It is an easy transition for current FRx users as there is a conversion wizard and a comparable user interface, as well as very similar features. However, the features might be too much like the elderly FRx without needed upgrades. There are lots of alternatives for BI solutions selling today that would be more of an improvement and a worthy asset as technology and Software as a Service (Saas) options are starting to have more of an effect in helping business leaders in decision-making regarding the future of their organization. Bearing in mind all your choices and the key differences between software will help to invest time, money, and energy into a product that speaks to specific business needs.


Does the report writer integrate live from Microsoft Dynamics? From a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system? Other sources of data? Report writing doesn’t have to mean that first, the data needs to be replicated from Dynamics to an OLAP or a data warehouse. There are BI alternatives to FRX that can take live data from an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or CRM system, creating real-time reports. At any moment, financial executives can see how the company is performing up to the minute the report is run. Furthermore, look for a solution than can run ad-hoc reports and present the analysis with secure access to multiple employees to make educated choices about time sensitive issues with drill-down capabilities, moving beyond the General Ledger, which is a great upgrade from FRx or MR.


FRx Alternative


Is reporting done in Excel? Most finance team members have been using Excel since at least college, so the software, the formulas, functions, and resources are very easy for those who are creating the reports. In looking at report writers, steer clear of products that utilize proprietary software to consolidate the data in an organized schema that is then transferred to Excel. This type of solution generally requires unique formulas and configuring specific to the proprietary software, rather than Excel-established functions. Therefore, accountants and executives have to learn a brand new product, so that the new report writer can assimilate back into Excel. Instead, look for reporting solutions that are native within Excel.


To learn more about what to consider when looking for an FRx replacement, read the complete article here.

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