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Leading Businesses Employ Leading Technology

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    Leaders stake their corner of the marketplace by employing the strategies and best practices to get there.  They don’t wait for opportunities to appear; they search for them and leverage their abilities to take advantage of them.  Leaders employ innovative, cutting-edge technologies to drive business success, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.

    Your technology can mean the difference between reacting to changes in the marketplace and being prepared to navigate them.  Entry-level solutions can manage your data; however, ERP solutions can show you how to harness the power behind your data and leverage it to your competitive advantage.  These seemingly subtle differences in business technologies can lead to some less subtle advantages that separate the leaders from the rest of the competition.

    Today’s ERP, including those offered in the suite of Microsoft Dynamics® ERP solutions, are integrated which makes it more efficient for your people to enter and share business data.  Right off the bat you and your team can use real-time data, straight from ERP, instead of piecing together reports from disparate solutions.  The quicker you can offer a quote or answer a customer question, the quicker you could win a bid.  ERP also offers business intelligence and this is the feature that launches businesses far ahead of their competitors.  You can monitor key metrics, such as inventory levels, labor productivity, or product sales by using the business intelligence and reporting features offered in a solution like Microsoft Dynamics® GP.  You can analyze sales by product, product line, or by customers.  Identify which products are increasing in popularity, or waning, and adjust inventory levels and marketing campaigns to match.  Access to real-time, accurate business data makes it easier for business leaders to create better forecasts and strategic plans, as well as to respond faster to changes in the marketplace.

    While other businesses are sifting through databases and spreadsheets, business leaders are analyzing their business data and making swift, prudent business decisions.  The type of business technology that you choose can be one of the defining factors that supports your business or creates challenges.  Contact Sherwood Systems for more information about using leading technology to stake your corner of the marketplace.

    By Sherwood Systems, Microsoft ERP Partner out of Arizona

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