Insider Tip: Evaluating Dynamics GP? Crash a User Event

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I think asking a company for references is pretty useless. Of course they are going to give you the names of people that love them and will say good things about them. If they have 100 customers, it could be that 97 don’t like them but the 3 that do are the ones you get as references. You never get to talk to the other 97.  But what if there was a way to be in the same room with a huge group of existing customers, and ask them anything you wanted? You can do that, by crashing a Dynamics GP user event.

Plus, attending a user event is not only a great way to get the real scoop on the software but you can evaluate the partner you are planning to work with too.

If you attend a local user event hosted by a specific Dynamics GP partner you can:

1)      Users: Talk to existing users, from all backgrounds and stages in their projects, ask about the software AND the partner you want to work with.

2)      Software: See the software in action in the breakout training sessions.

3)      The Team: Meet the entire team that will be working with you from the Dynamics GP partner. Often these team members are scattered working at different client sites, so getting them all in one room is rare.

4)      Consultants: Evaluate the teaching, training and people skills of the presenters, since those are the consultants who will be working with you.

5)      Add On Products: Research ISV vendors who offer add on products for Dynamics GP as these events often have an ISV expo trade show type area.

For example, if you are a Connecticut company evaluating Microsoft Dynamics GP you can attend CAL Connect2014 on May 15, 2014 in Bristol, Connecticut. We will have a famous keynote speaker, 2 general sessions, 15 breakout sessions, an ISV Expo, and close to 200 attendees. Full details and registration at:

The add-on products you can see at the event in our ISV expo are: SalesPad, Altec, Rockton, Ariett Business Solutions, Infinia Business Technology, K-eCommerce, Avalara, AvidxChange, Greenshades, Integrity Data, Reporting Central, Defacto, Appolis, RedTail Solutions, Solver, P2 Automation. Also participating: Nolan, Blue Moon Industries, Accolade Publications, Encore Business, Panatrack, Horizons International.

Check out the video from CAL Connect2012 to see what you can expect from a user event like this:

On a national level, check out the GPUG (Great Plains User Group) Summit event.

So this is the insider tip that smart buyers know – don’t be satisfied with just a few references. Go where the users are; crash a Microsoft Dynamics GP user event.

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