INFOGRAPHIC: Do Business the Way You Choose with Microsoft Dynamics ERP

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People love freedom, and they love choice. Revolutions are fought and won to secure it, and many will pay top dollar to ensure they keep it. Choice and flexibility in enterprise IT is not always guaranteed. With many vendors, once you start down a certain path, that is the path you must keep to for the life of your software. Microsoft offers an alternative: a flexible path that you can adjust as your business grows and changes. Microsoft Dynamics GP offers you the flexibility and choice to adapt to changing business environments. Check out this new infographic with useful visual details explaining how Microsoft Dynamic GP options give you the real power of choice.

You may start with the public cloud, move to a private cloud or combine the two in a hybrid cloud environment. Regardless of your initial path, Microsoft Dynamics GP allows you to lay out a strategic path to success. If you want your data on your own servers, an on-premise solution might work for you. On the other hand, if you can afford the operating expense but not an upfront capital expenditure, a cloud solution makes more sense. Both are viable Dynamics GP options.

With multiple options, you can access your technology the way you need it: through secure on-premise access or using a variety of mobile devices to access a web interface. And as your business develops, you may change these options at any time.

If you are evaluating Microsoft Dynamics GP – on site or in the cloud – contact CAL Business Solutions. 860-485-0910. See: How to Deploy Dynamics GP

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