INFOGRAPHIC: 7 Reasons to Upgrade from QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics GP

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QuickBooks provides great entry level solutions for small start-up businesses or companies. However, when a business grows, many companies decide they want to upgrade the accounting software to a system like Microsoft Dynamics GP.  When a business experiences increased reporting demands, has many departments that make data integration and centralization impossible, fails to comply to regulations governing data security, experiences delays in generating reports and deteriorating performance, has more users and is worried about data security because the company has grown over time, it is time to compare QuickBooks vs Microsoft Dynamics GP. So, what are the benefits or reasons to upgrade? Check out this great infographic:

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1)   Easy Integration/Consolidation

If a company spends so much time integrating monthly financials and allocate expenses manually across many entities, it is time to upgrade. Microsoft Dynamics GP is very flexible and easy to consolidate with other systems used by the company. It also removes the need for extra work and eliminates double entries. This also allows for access of data in real time. The ease of integration with Microsoft office, for instance, makes the program easy to learn and use.

2)   Scalability

By upgrading, it ensures that only one instance of the program is running at any given time and reports are generated very fast without delays or hitches. Microsoft SQL server and Dynamics GP are scalable enough to allow hundreds of users to access the system simultaneously without compromising its performance and speeds.

3)   Customization

Microsoft Dynamics GP allows for creation of workflow rules that QuickBooks cannot and allows for storage of spreadsheets. The program comes with role templates that can be customized for efficient and effective use, hence user experience that is role specific.

4)   Security

Microsoft Dynamics GP is secure to allow for restricted access into the system and has controls in place that meet the SOX security requirements, making this a good reason to upgrade accounting software designed for beginner companies.

5)   Improved Functionality

Whether the company concerned handles distribution, human resource, manufacturing, services or even financials, Microsoft Dynamics GP is leading in the industry in terms of functionality for long-term usage. According to a business review carried out, QuickBooks Enterprise 7.0 met a client’s needs by 40%, while Microsoft Dynamics GP met the same client’s needs by 84%.

6)   Easy to Use BI Tools

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a business intelligence tool that is easy to use. It provides businesses with the right platform, tools and the right information to share across the company for maximum results.

7)   High ROI (Return on Investment)

A study proved that the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP in both small and medium enterprises leads to a high return on investments within 1 year and 9 months.

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