Capture Expenses with Microsoft Dynamics AX Mobile Apps

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We recently had a webcast covering the time and expense applications for Microsoft Dynamics AX available on both smartphones and mobile devices. These apps are improving employee productivity by allowing consultants to track all of their expenses and time on-the-go. Most business owner's and project managers want consultants to be out billing but they also need to control costs. These apps allow for the management of company policies using workflows for time entry and expenses, the management of time entry by project, category and activity and management of the approval process.

The time & expense phone app captures individual expenses as they occur with the option to take a picture of your receipts. This can then be routed to any windows 8 mobile device to combine these expenses and create an expense report to be routed to approvals. There is an app for approvals so the project manager can review and approve expenses, time sheets and budgets before submitting it all to AX.

AX Time and Expenses

To see this process please view our demo at 6:15 of the video. 

Once you have captured your expenses with your phone, you may submit these for approval to the Project Manager who can access it from any Windows 8 Mobile app from the start menu (view this at 10:21 of the demo recording). Next, the Project Manager receives those expenses and receipts via the approvals app  and they can view all of this on the dashboard in AX to get the full picture of the project.

Now back to the smartphone for time sheets. A consultant may add time spent on a specific project, travel, consulting, training etc from their phone. Once logged in, they choose from a list of their assigned projects, add all of the necessary details and submit the time sheet directly to AX. The submission will show up right away and can be queued up fr review by the PM. It is helpful to have these details available on the dashboard for further analysis of the progress and budget of the project.

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