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A Microsoft Dynamics Convergence Timeline Event Statistics 1997 to 2014

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How many Microsoft Dynamics Convergence events have you been to? If you in are the ERP or CRM software selection process and have shortlisted Dynamics, then perhaps you are looking forward to your first event. (Yes, the event is for prospective buyers too, even though it is the largest annual Microsoft Dynamics user event worldwide.) But I bet there are many event veterans who have been attending since the first Convergence in 1997.

A Convergence History

At Convergence 2012 there were 10,221 attendees. This included 3,186 existing customers, 1,189 prospective customers and 1,577 Dynamics Partners.

Here is a look at Convergence stats from previous years showing a 6,232% increase in attendance, pretty impressive!

Microsoft Dynamics Convergence Timeline

2015 - Atlanta

2014 - Atlanta - 12,200 attendees

2013 – New Orleans - 11,138 attendees

2012 – Houston – 10,221 attendees (first worldwide conference)

2011 – Atlanta – 9,102 attendees

2010 – Atlanta – 8,493 attendees

2009 – New Orleans – 6,693 attendees

2008 – Orlando – 9,527 attendees

2007 – San Diego – 8,903 attendees

2006 – Dallas – 7,404 attendees

2005 – San Diego – 5,892 attendees (first year outside Orlando)

2004 – Orlando – 4,329 attendees

2003 – Orlando – 4,175 attendees

2002 – Orlando – 3,355 attendees (first year after Microsoft acquisition)

2001 – Orlando – 2,927 attendees

2000 – Orlando – 1,946 attendees

1999 – Orlando – 1,216 attendees

1998 – Orlando – 549 attendees

1997 – Orlando – 164 attendees

What happened in 2009?

After 11 years of steady increase in attendance there was a 37% decrease in the attendance in 2009 that has taken several years to regain. Was it only due to the downturn in the economy or was there more to it? I would love to hear from some event alumni on this one.

Stats from original post published in 2013:


Convergence 2013 goals are 11,500 attendees, a 12.5% increase over Convergence 2012.  Of that 11,500 they anticipate a mix of 32% existing customers, 11% prospective customers and 15% Dynamics Partners. (The rest is a mix of sponsors, press, Microsoft team members, crew etc…).


The last 3 years in a row the ISV expo has been at sold out capacity but this year there is more space at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. Convergence 2012 had 250 sponsors and Microsoft hopes Convergence 2013 will have over 300. With less than 9 weeks to go there are already 248 confirmed sponsors and exhibitors.  (2 Platinum, 20 Gold, 12 Silver, 82 Bronze Sponsors and 132 Exhibitors)

By Anya Ciecierski, ERP Software Blog Editor,

6 Responses to “A Microsoft Dynamics Convergence Timeline Event Statistics 1997 to 2014”

  1. Erica Howlett says:

    I am very sad to see convergence end. It was extremely productive for partners that were taking their clients with all different dynamics software, and too see the possibilities of what they wanted. There were more classes and catered to our prospects/clients. It was sad to see this end, and split it up in different ways. I hope that Summit is going to help that; but the classes were limited last year as well.

  2. Jon Rivers says:

    San Diego 2007 was my 1st Convergence. Still remember the events outside of the conference center.

  3. Pamela Blumetti says:

    Enjoyed the history, brought back some memories! Now what would be really impressive is the list of Keynote Speakers from each year. Curious so see if anyone remembers them in the correct order.

  4. Great article. Thanks, Anya. Incredible growth since 1997! Who knew (except you!)?

  5. 2009 is when the recession hit hard, even Microsoft laid off people and many companies saw CV as an expense they could cut. Also, I think there was no major GP release at the time either so…

  6. Doug Pitcher says:

    Looking at the timeline I think 2013 will make my 11th time going to Convergence. 2009 was purely about the economy for us.

    Hope to see everyone in March.