8 Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP for Associations

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Associations love improving because they believe in the importance of their cause.

Microsoft Dynamics GP for Associations is an accounting software solution specifically designed to work with Associations’ needs and requirements. Dynamics GP provides the tools needed to increase operational effectiveness, and simplify financial management, human resource management, relationship management, and much more.

Take a Look at 8 Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP for Associations:

  1. General Ledger
    Maintain journal entries and budgets with a double-entry accounting ledger that supports up to 999 periods; track non-financial data like unit accounts at the general ledger level; transfer account balances based on a variable account by percent or unit giving more flexibility to your general ledger.
  2. Grant Management
    Automate grant management processes to track funds more easily, demonstrate accountability, and help attract future funding.
  3. Payable Management
    Automate AP tasks with real-time statistical history, easy reconciliation, account control, payment scheduling, and check printing. Track vendors with multiple ship to addresses, payment terms, credit limits, and vendor items.
  4. Cash Flow Management
    Customizable views and forecasting tools to control, predict, and monitor inflow and outflows, with an easy calendar format.
  5. Budgeting
    Track multiple budgets for multiple fiscal years in multiple General Ledger Accounts; easily update and maintain budgets with Excel imports and exports. Report budget vs. actual by year, quarter or month, keep an audit trail of who modifies a budget and when.
  6. Microsoft Forecaster
    Forecast accurate budgets and gain control of the entire forecasting, budgeting and planning process; coordinate plans dynamically and collaborate easily across teams.
  7. Management Reporter
    Create, distribute and analyze financial statements; use role-based security to generate, design and view information.
  8. Integration Suite & Customization Pack
    A suite of flexible tools to import data and other applications, including Integration Manager eConnect, and Web Services.

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By Sikich, Microsoft Dynamics Partner, www.sikich.com

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