7 Steps to Calculate Fed9 in Microsoft Dynamics SL

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Attention Microsoft Dynamics SL users!  It was recently announced the Microsoft Dynamics SL Fed9 - Additional Medicare Taxes for Earnings over Government Specified Limits calculates incorrectly.

If you faced this issue, visit Microsoft CustomerSource or follow the 7-step process below to correct it.

To change the Dynamics SL Fed9 setup, follow these steps:

1. Open Deduction Maintenance (02.290.00).

2. In Deduction ID, type Fed9.

3. Change the Min Ytd. subject base and Max Ytd. subject base both to 0.00

4. On the Exemptions/Credits tab on an empty line, Press F4 to switch to form view.

5. Set up a new exemption.

Marital Status= All Statuses

Type Exemption= Exemption

Exemption/Credit ID = Fed6

Description= Fed6 subjwages

Base Type = Deduction Amount

Base Deduction ID = Fed6

Calculation Method= Fixed Percent

Fixed Pct/Rate/Amt= 6896.5517

Annual Minimum=0

Annual Maximum = 200000

Maximum calculation = As Calculated

Reduce reported wages box is selected

6. Click Save. 

7. Set up any pretax exemptions for Fed9 the same as you have set up for fed 6 such as for 401k or insurance.

Note: Fixed % of 6896.5517 is calculated as 1/0.0145 = 68.96551724 converted to a % = 6896.5517 to back into the Fed6 sub wages.

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By: New Jersey Microsoft Dynamics SL, GP, AX, NAV Gold Partner & Microsoft Master VAR

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