5 Reasons CFOs Need Microsoft Dynamics GP in Today’s Economy

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Why choose Microsoft Dynamics GP


CFO's are under serious pressure to squeeze every last drop of revenue possible out of their business model, operational processes, technology, and people to maximize productivity and lower costs.

During times like these, strong emphasis is placed on reporting and business intelligence to give decision-makers a view of the business from every angle and identify potential bottlenecks or areas for improvement.

A key feature of Microsoft Dynamics GP is its ability to provide full control over and visibility into what is happening in your business, and the ability to help you make informed, proactive decisions that strengthen your profitability and maintain growth. With overly-capable reporting features and powerful tools such as the Business Analyzer, Microsoft Dynamics GP is the difference between surviving a down economy, or thriving in it.

5 reasons CFO’s need Microsoft Dynamics GP in today’s economy:

  1. The volume of reporting and forecasting required is higher than average, and the manual processes involved in most ERP solutions waste valuable time for each report that is generated. With Microsoft Dynamics GP, many of the background steps that go into producing reports can be automated so reports come out much faster and more accurate.
  2. Economic downturns require more creative and unique reporting methods to find new angles for revenue generation and cost savings. Emphasis is moved from the company’s standard reports to more focused, ad-hoc queries that utilize the latest data and trends to facilitate creative thinking and forecasting. Reporting flexibility is crucial in economic downturns.
  3. For data and forecasts to be shared accurately and effectively, CFOs need to display data for decision-makers in ways that are easy to understand, such as charts and graphs. Report Writer in Dynamics GP generates reports that are clean, professional, and can be easily modified to keep up with unique reporting demands. Even better, powerful SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) capabilities in Dynamics GP allow for consolidated reporting across a wide range of data sources.
  4. Reports need to be generated quickly and easily so CFOs can spend less time producing reports and more time translating that information into actionable business intelligence. Providing strategic guidance is the most important role of the CFO, and if they are bogged down creating reports, they won’t be able to spend the necessary time formulating new and better strategies.
  5. Routine, manual processes must be automated wherever possible. The more preliminary, report-related processes that can be automated, the less time and effort it will take to create reports. Shaving off time here will open up new and better opportunities for time allocation for CFOs.


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