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Solver is proud that our success is primarily due to our partner-centered culture. With the help of our partners, we are able to deliver exceptional BI solutions to a customer base that simply would not be successful through direct sales. From our perspective, our partner channel is an important piece of Solver’s company culture, and we regard them as our own employees. Moreover, I attribute the record growth of our customer base primarily to our partners. After extraordinary success in North America and EMEA since the launch of BI 360 four years ago, Solver is now an established force in the Asia-Pacific region, less than two years after we entered the market there. We have also started our roll-out in Latin America.Through our experience, we’ve learned that the best way to take your product worldwide is through solid partnerships. Partners are able to be local everywhere in the world, and therefore, they function as our front line. Solver does not need offices all over the world because our partners know the local scene, and they understand established transactional systems that we integrate with. If you are strategizing for success within your channel, you must view your partners as part of your family.  They are the first point of contact with your customers, so they already are a part of your team.

Finally, I would suggest to anyone working to develop a successful partner strategy to put time and energy into them like you would your own staff. When it comes to training and access to resources, they require the same as your own employees. When you accomplish that, you’ll achieve true success with your partner channel. We are still refining our strategy after just four years, but I am confident that we are superior to most other partner channel-centric organizations in our space. Strategizing for channel success is part science and part art. The scientific part can be adapted and evaluated, and the artistic part is about building relationships with your people to achieve mutual success. I’m always thinking about how to better empower my partner channel. I’m eager to see the results in 2014.

Watch this video to learn more about our partner program offerings and reasons for success!

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