Move to the Cloud with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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What does it mean to move to the Cloud with Microsoft Dynamics GP?


With affordable deployment options available, many businesses look to have their Dynamics GP hosted rather than installed on their own servers. This is an excellent way to bring down the cost of making a move to Dynamics GP


Microsoft Dynamics GP offers flexible deployment choices to fit your unique requirements. Different from the Saas model, Microsoft lets you chose what will work for you:


•             Public Cloud: Have Dynamics installed on a shared or multitenant infrastructure that is virtualized and owned by the service provider. You then rent the ERP software and infrastructure, and are charged on a pay-per-use or pay-per-user basis.

•             Private Cloud: You purchase Dynamics and install it at a hosted datacenter. You own the ERP software and lease the infrastructure. An important distinction from the public cloud model is that the service is provisioned exclusively for an organization (i.e., single tenancy) without any sharing of infrastructure among multiple customers.


To learn more about Cloud ERP Solutions for Dynamics GP, visit Intellitec Solutions at or calling us at 866-504-4357


By Intellitec Solutions, a Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL Partner service Delaware and Philadelphia

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