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Malcolm Roach, Open Door Technology Inc.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for the Equipment Rental Industry

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Equipment rental organizations looking for one integrated system to handle their financial, service, and rental management needs should consider a system built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV because it is easy to configure and user friendly.

Why is Microsoft Dynamics NAV a perfect fit for rental organizations?

Secure Investment in Microsoft Technology

An investment in Microsoft technology ensures rental organizations will be able to keep pace as technology changes.  Microsoft backs their software with millions of dollars invested in Research and Development annually, 100s of millions in fact. Other software providers simply cannot compete with those numbers. A system built on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform can be scaled indefinitely; organizations will never outgrow it.

Keep everything in one system

Many of the prevalent rental management systems on the market will only handle the rental aspect of an organization and leave rental companies having to import and export their data into other systems to complete their business operations. Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides a single Enterprise Resource Management for rental organizations to handle all aspects of their business. This single system provides organizations with a central database, so no more syncing disconnected systems and struggling to get different systems to “talk” to each other. One system for everything keeps things simple and reduces expenses and confusion.

Rapid user adoption in familiar Microsoft environment

Users adapt quickly to Dynamics NAV because of the familiar user interface they already know from other Microsoft products such as Outlook or Excel. This familiarity reduces training times and support requirements, which is important in times of rapid growth. Individuals can also tailor their user experience through the Role Tailored interface, which allows them to set job functionalities that only show job-pertinent data on their screen. The customization available makes it possible to set specific information requests such as how many assets are currently available for rent to appear at-a-glance on the dashboard. All the fields in the screens can be hidden or shown, reordered, or resized according to each user’s preferences.

By Malcolm Roach, Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions for the Equipment Rental Industry, Western Canada Dynamics NAV

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