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Convergence: 5 Key Discussion Points that ERP Hosting Will Trend Up.

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After attending the Microsoft Convergence conference, it’s even more clear to me what  an amazing time it is in our industry…actually, it's an amazing time in the world. The freedom of choice and hybrid deployment options available to businesses today are endless.

I spoke with many attendees who visited our booth during the week and heard 5 key topics from our visitors.

  1.  Application upgrades are a hosting driver.   Many people discussed with me the need for an upgrade which in turn made them really consider hosting as an option.  The main reasons?  A critical point to re-direct IT resources and time,  application speed,  overall shift in ERP model as a whole, with the upgrade being the starting point.
  2. Deployment.   A lot of conversation was about legacy systems and tools that customers currently have in place which would be kept on premise and focus the ERP in a hosted model to maximize and leverage functionality.
  3. Flexibility.   Hosting and the flexibility that the model offers was a key conversation point with visitors.  They expressed a growing need to accommodate different time zones and employees by role and the need to have the ERP up and running at all times, accessible at all times to maximize productivity.
  4. Hosting allows us to ‘Use’ the ERP software.  Time and time again I heard “if I host, we can focus on using our Dynamics solution while the hosting services provider can focus on back end infrastructure support.”
  5. Infrastructure support.  Lots of discussions were spent around the value of the hosting company maintaining the infrastructure that supports the ERP.  Based on the conversations I had, IT resources want to be freed from the details of back end maintenance, allowing them to focus time on maximizing the ERP productivity within their internal user community.

The business value of a hosted ERP model continues to gain momentum.  My conversations at the Convergence conference prove that more and more businesses will welcome and adopt this model in the coming years.

by GoIWx

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