6 Business Situations That Make Cloud ERP a Good Choice

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Cloud Depolyment OptionsWhile cloud models are becoming more and more prevalent in your personal life, you may find it more difficult to know if a cloud deployment is the right choice for your business solutions.

If you are considering a new ERP solution for your business, selecting a cloud deployment model for that ERP solution could be the right choice if you:

  1. Have a Limited IT Staff – Deploying an on premise ERP solution takes commitment, resources, and several skill sets. If you’re short on resources, or time, or bandwidth, cloud deployments can alleviate this burden and shorten implementation timelines (which could ultimately reduce the cost).
  2. Don’t Have an IT Staff with the Ability to Support an ERP System - If your IT staff is not familiar with the requirements of your new ERP solution or doesn’t have the core competency to manage and support the ERP system’s underlying required technologies (like a SQL, Oracle or Linux database), then cloud deployments can remove this challenge so that your team can focus on revenue producing projects.
  3. Would Rather Have Your Staff Focus on Innovation- It takes time to purchase the new servers required for your new ERP system which demands resources and the know-how to make the server compliant. Instead of having your team spend time gathering requirements, comparison shopping, negotiating with vendors, etc., they can focus on driving innovative projects.  Cloud deployments remove this obstacle because the work has been done for you.
  4. Require Third-Party Applications be Integrated into Your New ERP System – Third-party applications which demand a different set of hardware requirements than you have in place can create more challenges than solutions. However, Cloud Services deployments are run by companies that can get these integrations set up quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.
  5. Need Flexibility - Business climates change like the wind - one year business is booming and the next, it could come to a standstill. If you expect to drastically grow your business, or need to shrink it, cloud services can give you the ability to quickly ramp-up users or needed hardware space, or quickly reduce them without having to commit to purchasing hardware and associated costs up front.
  6. Must Deal with Audits - Audits take time and resources away from your core business.  Your cloud services provider helps reduce this burden for you – your Cloud provider should be able to answer any questions related to infrastructure and supply an SSAE16.

Once you’ve determined that a cloud deployment is a good choice for your business, you need to select the right cloud deployment method.  For a better understanding of your cloud deployment options, get a free copy of our eBook, “Understanding Cloud Services Deployment Models & Licensing Options When Selecting ERP.”

By Socius, an Ohio Cloud ERP Provider (www.socius1.com and www.cloudtechnology.com)

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