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3 Considerations for Cloud Hosting Partner Selection

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3 considerations for selecting hosting partners


Cloud computing gets talked about a lot in blogs and articles—the benefits, the risks, advice on implementation.  A life sciences company that uses the cloud for hosted management software, for example, stands to see significant savings, more agility, and more.  But what about providers who want to deliver their solution in the cloud?  Cloud hosting partner selection is a critical step for these companies, so we have come up with a few things to consider before you make a decision about your hosting partner.

3 considerations for selecting cloud hosting partners

1. Avoid Cloud Hosting Failure by carefully evaluating the organizational structure of the hosting partner.  Hosting providers with complicated corporate hierarchy are less likely to provide quality after-sale services and are more likely to be a challenge just to get someone on the phone who is familiar with your needs.  With a dedicated point of contact your needs are likely to be met more efficiently and you'll have the reassurance that your hosting partner is invested in the success of your company.

2. Cloud Services Investment and Improvement is a top trait to look for in a hosting partner.  Don’t settle for an organization that offers cloud hosting as a cherry-on-top service.  Look for a company who is completely focused on hosting cloud SaaS solutions for partners and end users.  Find a partner who has a long track record of continued investment and improvement in cloud hosting.

3. Business hosting needs and customer hosting needs go hand in hand.  You need to have your organization's needs met and maintaining a reputation as a solid provider is one of those needs.  So trusting your reputation to a cloud partner takes some consideration.  The triangular relationship of solution provider, hosting partner, and end user has created an increased demand for trust in IT.  Choose a company with a long history of reliability in the cloud.  True, cloud computing has only been in the mainstream for a few years but there are partners who have been delivering reliable, consistent, and affordable cloud hosting services for more than ten years.

by RoseASP

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