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Top 2 Reasons for Upgrading Your Microsoft Dynamics GP Software

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By Marcia Nita Doron, Altico Advisors

#1 - Efficiency

Just for the sake of argument, let’s say you have a 20 year old air conditioning system that miraculously still works. But you could replace it with a new energy efficient unit that costs $600 and would save you $300 a year in electrical costs. Hmmm….What would the wise man do? Stick with the old system because it’s still working (but might break tomorrow) or buy a new system that will pay for itself in 2 years’ time. Of course, my “just for the sake of argument” scenario was built to make a point. And the point is efficiency. Every new release of Microsoft Dynamics GP contains features that add to the efficiency of its users.

#2 Compatibility

In another scenario, let’s say someone smashed into your beautiful baby blue Miata and fortunately no one was hurt. But you need a new driver side door. You can buy a used door at the enticingly low price of $100, but it’s turquoise blue. A matching door is actually going to cost you $400! That’s a pretty significant difference, but…would you really want to drive your adorable Miata around town with a mismatched door? Somehow I doubt that. My guess is that even at 4 times the price, you’ll go with the baby blue door. The point is compatibility. And that’s a huge factor when it comes to your business management software. If your ERP system is outdated, it may not be compatible with the new server that your IT department is purchasing. You may not be able to run newer versions of myriad applications that you use daily, even simple applications like Excel and PowerPoint and Adobe.

Yes indeed. Updating your software on a regular basis is like keeping up with the scheduled maintenance on your car. It ensure that all the important parts are tuned up, current, and free from defects.

I could make this blog post into a series and call it “The Top 10 Reasons for Upgrading Your Microsoft Dynamics GP Software.” I could even drag it out longer than that because there are probably 25 good reasons for keeping your accounting and ERP software up to date. But I’m going to stop right here with the top 2 because I think I’ve made my point.

There are compelling reasons why Microsoft releases new versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP approximately every 18 months. And while there are those who assert that it’s a money-making proposition, that’s just not so. It’s the users who benefit the most from upgrades because each upgrade translates into greater efficiency (i.e. saving time and money) and the comfort of compatibility (i.e. knowing that you have a system that will work with new versions of business critical applications).

So get ready for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015! It’s coming soon.

See also my post called What’s Better? A New ERP System or a Band-Aid on Your Old One? Are you ready to move up to Microsoft? Browse our Web site @, contact Altico Advisors the old school way at 508-485-5588, or reach out to us online at

Submitted by Altico Advisors, Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM Partner serving New Hampshire (NH) and beyond.

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