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Microsoft Dynamics GP Tip – Prevent Posting to Control Accounts

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Did you know that Microsoft Dynamics GP automatically directs transactions to control accounts?

For example, when a sale is invoiced and the invoice is posted, a transaction is usually posted to the AR account. Once the payments are received and posted, the AR account is again adjusted by automatically generated transactions. Manual postings to these control accounts should be prevented.

In the Account Maintenance window (Cards->Financial->Account, Key or Look up Account) there is a check box labeled “Allow Account Entry.” Once the application is set up, the check box should be unchecked. Clearing this box allows the system to continue automatically posting to these accounts but blocks a user from entering the account manually on a transaction. This action will help prevent accidental postings to Control Accounts. Of course, when adjustments are required, the box can be checked, the adjustments entered, and the box rechecked.

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