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Microsoft Dynamics GP: An Easy to Learn Accounting Software

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    Amy Hannesson, Accountant at DFC Consultants

    Amy Hannesson, Accountant at DFC Consultants

    Amy first came to DFC Consultants on a temporary assignment, helping to fill in while two employees were out on maternity leave. After only a few weeks, the management at DFC recognized her ambition, intelligence, and compatibility with the office and offered her a full-time position as an Accountant.

    Amy started utilizing Microsoft Dynamics GP for the first time when she began her accounting duties. At first, she felt overwhelmed by the number of modules, options, and all of the capabilities that the software had. Soon that feeling turned into confidence as she dove into the financial module and learned that by drilling into the system, it was easy to understand and maneuver.

    Ten days later, Amy had already taken over accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank reconciliation, and time cards with minimal training.

    As a first time user of Microsoft Dynamics GP, she really enjoyed the ability to double check her work through different steps along the way and the feeling that the information was secure in the process. Although she still needs guidance from time-to-time, she feels confident in her ability to accurately use Microsoft Dynamics GP for all of DFC Consultants’ internal accounting.

    In the future, Amy plans on taking advantage of DFC’s Microsoft Certified Training Center to learn more about GP and all of its functions, but until then she’s having no issues utilizing the system.

    by DFC Consultants

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