“It’s an App-world after all”

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Its a small worldApps, by definition, reside in the Cloud and have become ubiquitous in our small world!

Are friends in your network talking about Cloud and SaaS as though it is all something new?  Wait-a-minute, I thought my iTunes apps were in the cloud for the past 10 years?  I thought all of the smartphones have enabled Cloud storage for the past 2 years.  So what is so different and new?  New means risky and unstable doesn’t it?  Or is today just “an App world after all?”

Appolis was founded 13 years ago as a company designed to bring mobile applications to the business world.  In fact the name itself, Appolis is a derivative of the words app – olis … literally “city of applications”.  And so for years we have been bringing you the most innovative mobile applications surrounding supply chain, and real-time inventory traceability.

Cloud WMS

Last year we brought our industry leading smartphone and tablet based WMS and inventory apps to the Microsoft Convergence show floor.  This year we are bringing you the revolutionary power of Microsoft Windows Azure enabled WithoutWire™ Cloud Solutions.

Smart phones apps have become ubiquitous, and now visibility to our inventories is about to follow.  No more per-user licensing, no more large capital budget approvals, just on demand, pay for what you use transaction based automation.  It’s as simple as choosing a “friends and family” cell phone plan.  As your business grows, you make an adjustment on your app to turn on more transactions.  That brings a whole new simplicity to scaling your business.  It’s an App world after all, and you will be happy to know that warehouse management and inventory apps have begun to follow.  Ask about our Free Trial today!

Thank you “App”-olis!

Travis Smith, CTO/Founder

About Appolis

Appolis WithoutWire™ Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) provides efficient inventory and process optimization for distribution and manufacturing organizations looking for more robust lot tracked traceability of inventory. WithoutWire provides control to the movement and storage of materials received into, moved within, and shipped out of your warehouse, remote inventory, and field service or route delivery locations.  WithoutWire Warehouse tracks the process associated with transactions, and provides real-time web-based visibility of your inventory.  WithoutWire will increase productivity and customer satisfaction, while reducing costs and order fulfillment times to allow optimal decision making … on premise or in the Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud.





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  1. According to Cloud Industry Forum survey, 90% of public sector respondents and 78% of private sector respondents admitted data security was their primary worry. Other concerns expressed were fear of losing IT control, supplier lock-in, data sovereignty and cost of migration. According to a cisco survey, 60% employees think they dont need to be at office to do the work. By enterprise mobile apps, employees can able to finish the work anywhere, anytime.

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