Five Benefits of Management Reporter in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Management Reporter is the best way to easily create and access reports with data directly from Microsoft Dynamics GP. Popular reports include profit and loss, balance sheets, budget v. actual, over and under budget reports, variance reports and cash flow statements.

Some of our favorite traits of MR include:

  1. Accurate, board-quality reports are sent directly to your inbox on a regularly scheduled basis. Once you have them set up, the work is done.
  2. Information for each report is automatically generated from your General Ledger, making your reports the most up-to-date they can be.
  3. Ability to export to Excel, publish to network locations, post to SharePoint, email links to the reports or save them as a pdf.
  4. Brand your reports with your logo and company colors, giving them a professional look.
  5. Drill down into line items within the report or directly into GP for more detail.

Management Reporter makes it easy to get the information you are looking for in a short amount of time.

Contact Stoneridge Software to learn more about Management Reporter.

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