eCommerce and Microsoft Dynamics ERP for the Automotive Parts Industry

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One of the difficulties that comes with running a business that sells automotive parts is efficiently managing a large inventory. With all the different makes, models, and years of each car produced, parts required vary, which leads to a huge amount of items to manage. So, as a business owner in the automotive parts industry, choosing to enter the world of eCommerce can seem like a daunting task. The idea of listing each different part and providing consumers with a way to sort through all their options to find exactly what they need may seem impossible, however with the right solution, this task can be quick and easy.

For businesses in the automotive industry who use Microsoft Dynamics, k-eCommerce is the solution for taking your business online. This eCommerce solution integrates with Microsoft Dynamics to provide online shoppers with real-time inventory and pricing among other dynamic features.

Benefits of an eCommerce website integrated to Microsoft Dynamics include:

  • Easily create an online catalog of an unlimited number of parts that the end user will be able to search and browse.
  • Feed consumers all the information they need to make a purchase decision: videos, downloadable files, multiple images, product spec documents, and more can all be made available.
  • Centralize your organization by having orders processed in real time with data being pulled from one source.

Perhaps the most desirable feature for automotive parts businesses is the ability to link similar SKUs under one product. This feature alone makes it easier for the business owner to organize available parts in a way that consumers will be able to easily browse. Then adding power search functionality will make it even simpler for consumers to filter through search results to easily find the part they are looking for.

Working with a large number of SKUs can make the idea of selling online overwhelming. But businesses in this industry shouldn't sell themselves short just because of the sometimes grueling task of managing a large inventory. k-eCommerce is the go-to solution for those who need a web store that is easy to set up and integrates with their ERP to offer real-time pricing and inventory information.

k-eCommerce focuses on creating cutting-edge tools that will take any online business to the next level. With B2B, B2C and customer service / sales rep environments, the omni-channel eCommerce solution offered by k-eCommerce provides a solution for any business. Further, with the use of responsive web design, business owners can rest assured that their website functions and displays correctly no matter what device the consumer browses from. To learn more about this complete eCommerce solution, visit our website.

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