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4 Simple Steps To Social Success: A Microsoft Dynamics Partner’s Social Media Guide for Convergence

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conv14With all the buzz leading up to Convergence 2014, and then the actual event itself, it’s easy for us partners to feel like we’re either missing out on certain information or at times, inundated by all of the hoopla. Then on top that, we also wonder how we can get in on the conversation. Just so you know how active the Convergence 2014 conversation is, Microsoft reports that since October, it has engaged in over 4,300 conversations around Convergence via its numerous social networks.

There’s lots that we could do to stay on top of it all and get in to the mix, but in reality, what do you have time for in the last days leading up to Convergence? The good news is that if you or your company already have a social presence, then you actually have a great opportunity in front of you to not only get with the social program, but also to maximize the return on your Convergence investment, and it’s easy to do with in just a few steps:

1. Follow and Use Twitter Hashtag #CONV14

Microsoft has tapped Social Ambassadors to help keep the conversations and information flowing around Convergence. Inclusive of key partners, advocates and influencers, these Social Ambassadors will be tagging all their Tweets with #CONV14, so follow and use the hashtag and you won’t miss out!

2. Amplify the Content Posted on Microsoft’s Social Channels

Microsoft posts fun and engaging content for Convergence several times a week. Share the content from their channels by retweeting or sharing directly, or engage in conversation.

3. Create Your Own Convergence-themed Content
You don’t need a marketing staff to make this happen, just keep it simple. Invite customers, share your planned activities at the event, and reach out to colleagues to see who is going. You can also share content around each of the key moments at the event, such as keynotes and sessions.

4. Check the Social Media Wall Regularly in Atlanta
Following the success of last year’s Wall, Microsoft will re-create the Social Media Wall this year. The wall highlights customer videos, live streamed social content, real time engagement, and a relaxing hub for conference attendees. Make it a point to stop by frequently to see what’s happening!

You can count on seeing me all over Twitter covering the event, and I hope to see many of you doing the same! Last year the Convergence 2013 hashtag was one of the top 10 hashtags trending globally – let’s make it happen again this year.
See you in Atlanta!

by Data Masons Software

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  1. Jon rivers says:

    Chris, we are glad you liked the suggestions. Have a successful Convergence 2014

  2. Great blog! Thanks for the suggestions.