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When Searching For A Human Resources Solution, Don’t Overlook Your ERP

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Businesses are often focused on finding the technology to manage finances, inventory, manufacturing, supply chain, customer relationships, and other core business operations.  Human resources (HR) is one area that is often overlooked or automatically outsourced.  There are many enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that can be used to manage core business functions, and a few may also offer HR capabilities.  As noted in “Take the time to evaluate Dynamics GP 2013’s HR module, experts advise,” posted on by Jason Gumpert, your ERP solution may or may not include the ideal HR solution but it’s worth investigating.

Gumpert discusses the HR capabilities offered in Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2013, one of the leading ERP solutions used by small and mid-sized businesses.  Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 users can also implement an HR module to collect employee data from as early as the recruiting phase and maintain data through hiring, advancement, and termination.  Managers can analyze applicant data collected from pre-hire review and testing and choose a candidate that meets qualifications.  Offer letters can be automatically generated from Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and pre-employment data can be assembled into the new hire’s file.  HR managers can easily access and add records to employee files, such as tax forms, assigned corporate equipment (computer, phone, or car), insurance enrollments, and disciplinary actions.  You can also maintain professional education records and certification expiration dates, title and pay changes, and vacation dates within Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.

As Gumpert suggests, the standard ERP solution may not meet all of your immediate HR needs.  One more avenue to then investigate is whether add-on solutions can be integrated with your ERP solution to make it exactly what you need it to be.  In the case of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, Integrity Data offers a variety of enhancements to the features already offered by Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.  Solutions such as Negative Payroll Transactions and Mid Pay Period Rate Changes can make it easier to make and track common changes in payroll.

Your ERP solution may or may not be able to offer the HR capabilities that you need right out-of-the-box.  However, that doesn’t mean you have to automatically get a separate solution or outsource certain functions.  Contact Integrity Data to discuss your HR needs and goals.  You just may find the HR functionality you need without the need to invest in an entirely separate solution or invest in an outsourcing firm.

By Integrity Data, Illinois Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV developing enhancements for GP Payroll and HR

3 Responses to “When Searching For A Human Resources Solution, Don’t Overlook Your ERP”

  1. Wade shervin says:

    With the suitable HR software one can reduce labor costs, increase business productivity, save money and time. It also satisfies employees because it accurately estimates the time and wages.

  2. nice and informative post. thanks for sharing such nice post. the enterprise resource planning refers to in which all modules are inter-related.

  3. Adam Adolfsson says:

    Nice post. Very informative indeed. HR administration is very much needed in the companies. Its worth investing in the same.

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