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What is Microsoft Dynamics ERP Hosting vs Cloud and Where Can You Find a Hosting Provider?

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 In the old days, which translates to “not long ago” when dealing with technology, there was primarily one mode of deployment for software in general and ERP software in particular. Today we call that method on-premise, local, or in-house.

 This method of deployment was always easy for large enterprise operations. They had the money to buy the big iron servers that took up an entire room and a full IT staff to manage the servers, troubleshoot individual desktop problems, and devise a multitude of workarounds and fixes for software that often would not bend but could easily break. For small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) it was never easy, and some chose not to adopt ERP software at all.

 The birth of the Internet has changed all of that. Businesses now have multiple deployment options, and while on-premise software continues to be popular, many are moving to the cloud or trying ERP software for the first time because of the new cloud option. But there is another option in between called hosting.

 Microsoft Dynamics GP has developed a reputation for being a reliable yet powerful ERP solution for SMBs, but an on-premise Dynamics GP deployment still presents some obstacles for those businesses without the hardware and local IT support to manage it. For those customers, a hosted solution is ideal.

 But what is a Dynamics ERP hosted solution? How is hosted ERP software different than “cloud” ERP software?

If you choose to deploy Microsoft Dynamics GP in a hosted environment this means that you purchase the software licenses, but someone else has to buy the servers/hardware/infrastructure. You just pay a monthly fee to put your software on their servers at their data center. You own the software, but they do all the security, backups etc.

 How can you find a Microsoft Dynamics ERP hosting provider? Since you ask, you can look at our new Microsoft Dynamics ERP Hosting provider directory. This directory is separated into three categories:

 1) Data Center with Dynamics ERP Hosting/Cloud Offerings - Companies that provide infrastructure to host Dynamics ERP products. These companies collaborate with the Dynamics ERP Partner of your choice to provide a complete solution.

 2) Certified Dynamics Partners with Internal Hosting/Cloud Offerings - Dynamics ERP Partners that manage the infrastructure to host Dynamics ERP products and provide Dynamics ERP services for a complete hosted or on demand solution for clients.

 3) Certified Dynamics Partners with External Hosting/Cloud Offerings - Dynamics ERP Partners that have proven experience working with outside data centers to provide a complete hosted or on demand Dynamics ERP solution to clients.

 This is not a complete list but offers excellent suggestions. If you know other Dynamics ERP hosting providers or partners who would like to be added to the directory, let us know.

 When your Microsoft Dynamics ERP system is deployed on a Microsoft Partner’s server, they provide the hardware and software, while you can maintain full control of the system. If you do not have the IT staff to maintain full control, you can outsource the IT management to the Microsoft Partner and have a fully hands-off approach. You use the software the way you want and let the Microsoft Partner handle the rest.

 You can ALSO subscribe to Microsoft Dynamics ERP software. The software is still hosted, but you don't buy it, you pay a monthly fee to “rent” the software. This offers all the convenience of a true cloud solution. A Microsoft Dynamics ERP hosting provider can give you all the details.

A true cloud ERP software solution is one that is ONLY available to access online, for a monthly fee. You do not have the option to own the software yourself.

 Understanding all the options of ERP Software in the Cloud can be confusing. To get more information download the white paper: “35 Questions Every CFO Needs to Ask About ERP Software In the Cloud” or view the Infographic: “CFO’s Guide to ERP in the Cloud”.

 Interested in the price differences between these deployment options? Request a free Microsoft Dynamics ERP Quick Quote and select the option: “Deployment Options: Please provide cost comparison for on-premises, hosted, and cloud deployment options.”

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