SBS Group Launches the Microsoft Dynamics SL Webinar Support Series!

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SBS Group is excited to launch the Microsoft Dynamics SL Webinar Support Series on January 29th.  This series of 11 live webinars provide 1 hour of free educational information on Microsoft Dynamics SL. The complete series is open to all Microsoft Dynamics SL users. You can view the series and register here.

We kick start the year with a demonstration of Microsoft Dynamics SL Multi-Company. Whether you run multiple companies or multiple divisions, this feature can help simplify reporting & analysis tasks all across your organization. Join us on January 29th and learn about managing:

  • Multiple Databases
  • Intercompany Account Relationships
  • Due to/from Transactions
  • Various Reporting Features

You can register here to attend the live webinar. Coming up next in the series will be a demonstration on Microsoft Dynamics SL Multi-Currency on February 5th. Webinars will be hosted monthly, on Wednesdays, at 2pm EDT. You can register for any of the future webinars as well by clicking on the links or contacting Andrew Fezza at [email protected]:

Web Apps 1.1 - April 2nd
Financial Tips & Tricks - May 7th
Web Apps 1.2 - June 4th
Customer Source - July 9th
Quick Query & Business Analyzer - August 6th
SL 9 Launch - September 3rd
Year End Topics - November 5th


For more information or Microsoft Dynamics SL support, contact SBS Group on our Events or Contact Us page.

1 thought on “SBS Group Launches the Microsoft Dynamics SL Webinar Support Series!”

  1. I listened to the webinar on Quick Query and Buiness Analyzer today and wanted to know if there is a recording on that to view again?

    Currently run SL 2011

    Kings Aire, Inc.

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