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dynamics subscription liecensingWhen Microsoft Dynamics announced new options for its subscription licensing customers, effective January 1, 2014, RoseASP seized the opportunity.  While subscription pricing is only available to a select set of partners in the Dynamics community, it was available to RoseASP in 2013.  However, RoseASP did not feel it could fully serve its customers with Dynamics subscription licenscing until Microsoft announced the recent  improvements to the product.  Some of these improvements include expanding Dynamics subscription licensing to include month to month pricing as well as improving its minimum user requirement.

Dynamics subscription licensing
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Why is RoseASP moving to Dynamics Subscription Licensing?

First and foremost Subscription pricing provides greater visibility to your customers in VOICE.  Subscription customers can now be viewed in VOICE by each partner along with the monthly subscription revenue credit.  Each customer will receive their own registration keys, which will make selling and ordering ISV solutions easier. Customers will show up in VOICE immediately, rather than being delayed by two months which is the case with SPLA.   Partners will also be able to sign up their own customers for CustomerSource access.

Some important items we at RoseASP would also like to inform you about:

  • The end user will not see any price change, either for existing customers or new quotes.
  • Dynamics GP 2013 and NAV 2013 customers only are able to take advantage of subscription licensing.
  • RoseASP will move over customers on GP 2013 and NAV 2013 beginning February 1, 2014.
  • Customers must also be on the 2013 product or be testing for upgrades on the 2013 product.
  • New registration keys will be required for customers with ISV solutions, so those without ISV solution will be the first to be moved, with additional customers being moved as keys become available.
  • Partners will see a New Customer Add for each customer moved from SPLA to Subscription.
  • Partners will see a negative number adjustment on VOICE along with a positive 24X revenue number adjustment for the cost of the license times the number of seats times 24 months.  Then each month thereafter Partners will see a (1x) revenue-add for each seat as was previously done for SPLA customers.  The net VOICE revenue adjustment will then be neutral.

For more detailed information on Dynamics Subscription Licensing read Linda Rose’s article at  If your are curious to see how you can take advantage of this with RoseASP contact us at or attend our upcoming webinar Tuesday, January, 28 2014.

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