Project Management Functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Microsoft Dynamics GP's project management capabilities enable you to quickly and accurately capture and recover project costs such as billable labor and project-related expenses. The Project Time and Expense module comes with the Starter Pack edition of Microsoft Dynamics GP, delivering the ability to capture, review, and approve project time and expense information on the Web. That gives you timely and accurate customer invoicing and efficient reimbursement processes for employee expenses.

Central, web-based access to time and expense reports will save time, money, and paper. Users can easily enter and approve project-related expenses through Business Portal. The time entry page can show various time periods, such as weekly or monthly, to accommodate differing project timelines. Managers will be able to closely monitor time and expense entries, enabling them to take timely action if necessary.

You'll be able to shorten cash collection cycles. When you collect and process expense data more quickly and efficiently, you can include these expenses earlier in the customer billing cycle, and that will improve your cash flow. Your collection and management of time and expense reporting will be centralized and organized, and these records are automatically integrated with your billing system. That can increase the value of your invoices, as you can use them to measure the progress of projects.

Your people can enter their own records at the office, in the field, or on the go, and managers can quickly review and approve records wherever they are. And it's all integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP's other modules, eliminating data re-entry and saving more time and paper.

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