Posting To GL versus Posting Through GL

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What’s the difference between posting TO GL and posting THROUGH GL?

If you’re new to Dynamics GP, you may not realize that you have more than one posting option when working in the General Ledger.  You can either post to the General Ledger or you can post through it.  See below for a brief description of each option:

Posting TO GL

Whenever a user elects to post TO GL, the sub module will create a batch to be posted in general ledger.   Thus, you have the opportunity to review/edit before said batch is posted and updates posting accounts.


When a user elects to post THROUGH the GL, accounts update automatically in the General Ledger.  Posting THROUGH will disable their ability to review/edit the transaction before it posts to GL.

Feel free to leave both unmarked if you do not wish to post to the general ledger.  This is typically the choice when entering beginning balances.

Its important to recognize the differences in posting preference for a couple of reasons.   If it is day-to-day functionality, posting through would be your best option.  Posting through enables faster processes by eliminating a full step.  However if you are concerned with the users inability to avoid mistakes posting To GL is the better option.

Now that you are familiar with the differences between the two options, below is a quick diagram of how to switch between the two options.

Posting options can be found here:  (Tools-set up- posting –posting)






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By: Chris Butcher, Intelligent Technologies, Inc, an SC Microsoft GP partner

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