Microsoft Dynamics is Crushing the Competition in the NFL!

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In 2 weeks the 48th Super Bowl will pit AFC vs. NFC. While over 100 million viewers tune in to watch the battle at MetLife stadium, there’s another competition going on behind the scenes: the competition between ERP solutions amongst NFL teams.  Microsoft Dynamics is crushing the competition with 23 of 32 NFL teams choosing Microsoft Dynamics!  Microsoft Dynamics CRM has even come out with an industry template specifically for sports management.

However, it’s not just teams that utilize Microsoft Dynamics; the stadiums themselves use it too. In fact, MetLife Stadium will be hosting Super Bowl XLVIII this year with the help of Dynamics SL. The stadium has been a Dynamics customer for 4 years and has trusted SL to help it host a variety of events including NFL games, concerts, and international soccer matches.

Super Bowl XLVIII is expected to cost a whopping $70 million! This will make it the most expensive football game ever played! Some of the costs associated include snow removal, security, salaries, insurance, and legal fees.  These costs are just a few of the things that need to be kept track of with an ERP solution during the lead up to the big game.

And it isn’t just the football that takes advantage of Dynamics. It’s also used in professional basketball, hockey, golf, and soccer, to name a few.

The Oklahoma City Thunder uses Dynamics CRM to gather information for promotions and even to track fans' music tastes to help decide what music to play in the arena. On the other hand, the Vancouver Canucks use Dynamics CRM to keep track of all the sponsorship elements in their arena. Similarly, the PGA uses the software to develop effective ad campaigns and track the progress of over 500 creative media pieces at a time.

Some teams have even found ways to use Dynamics CRM to ensure they get maximum athletic performance from their athletes. The Leicester City Football Club uses CRM to figure out what training is the most effective by tracking performance enhancement patterns, and for injury prevention by flagging injury warnings for athletes at risk.

The versatility of Dynamics makes it a perfect fit for professional sports. The solution allows them to better meet the needs of employees, athletes, communities, and the entire fan experience.   Sports teams are embracing Microsoft dynamics and businesses in general are embracing the Cloud.    Visit WatServ to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics in the Cloud.

by WatServ, Microsoft Dynamics ISV member

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