Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 SP2 Enhancements: Document Attach

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 SP2 has some great new enhancement that I indicated in my last blog. These improvements provide you with added features that help improve productivity and make for an easier workday. In my upcoming blogs I want to focus in on some of these enhancements.

One of my favourites is Document Attach for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 SP2 which now allows you to attach email documents, set up documents to automatically attach or “flow”, and control the deletion of attached documents.


Emailing Attached Documents

Finally! Attached documents can be attached to email messages sent from Sales or Purchase Transactions. To setup Document Attach take these steps:

In Document Attach Setup – Setup\Company\ Document Attachment Setup. Mark the “Send Attachments in Email”

In each document’s Attach Properties window, mark “Send Attachments in Email”

On Sales Transaction Entry or Purchase Order Entry, pull up the document, and click Action>> “Select Attachments to Send in Email”


Document Attach Dynamics GP


Each document can be individually marked to attach to the email message.

Document Attach Dynamics GP1


The document can then be previewed by clicking on the paperclip in the top in the top right hand corner of the transaction entry screen.

Document Attach Dynamics GP2


Document “Flow”

Documents attach at the Master Record level can be set up to automatically attach (Flow) to Sales or Purchasing Transaction documents for Customers, Vendors, and Items when the document is created or when items have been added. This is setup in Document Attach setup. Setup\Company\Document Attachment Setup.

Document Attach Dynamics GP3


Flow can be controlled per Master Record type using Setup; parameters determined in the master documents will also flow to the Transaction documents.

NOTE: Documents that have “flowed” cannot be edited.


Document Delete Control

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 previously allowed any user to delete an attached document. SP2 gives you the option to allow all users to delete documents, prevent any document from deletion, or allows deletion of a document only upon entering a password. Setup\Company\Document Attachment Setup.


Document Attach Dynamics GP4


Document Attach is just one of the many great enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 SP2. To find out more about other enhancements tune in next time.


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By Jim Lawrance , Consultant with  BDO Solutions, Canada.

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  1. In GP2013 R2 all attachement saved in table "coAttachmentItems"
    in the field name "BinaryBlob" data type varbinary -1

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