Is Microsoft Dynamics GP Right for You?

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Cars, houses, software – how do you know when you have the right one? When you make a big investment of time and money you want to make sure you’re getting the best you can. While cars can be traded and houses can be sold, software is a purchase that impacts everyone on your team and isn’t easily exchanged.

To determine whether or not Microsoft Dynamics GP is right for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Where is my business now and where will we be five years from now?

The right business software will fit your needs now and five years from now. Make a list of what your needs are now, which could include: general ledger, human resources, payroll, invoicing, purchase/sales order processing, grant management, bank reconciliation, reporting, job cost, etc.

Then make a list of what you think your needs will be in five years. Will you be hiring more staff? Will your income or inventory grow?

Microsoft Dynamics GP is completely scalable, allowing you to significantly grow your business over time without having to purchase new software. Its starter pack modules include financial management, business intelligence and reporting, human resource management, supply chain management, and workspace collaboration. Even if you don’t utilize a specific module right away, it will be there when you need it.

       2. Where will the software be in five years?

Choose a software solution from a reputable company that will continue to be supported and available for the years to come. If the software fails, the creators will stop updating it and you’ll be stuck with an outdated product. Make sure that you partner with a company that not only will continuously update and support the product, but will keep you informed of changes, updates, available features , etc.

Microsoft is a company that isn’t going anywhere, which means Microsoft Dynamics GP isn’t going anywhere. Updates are frequently released and communicated to customers right away. Customer comments and suggestions drive updates and changes.

        3. What level of support do you feel you will need and what does the company offer?

Being able to pick up the phone and ask questions about how to do something can make a huge difference. Timely service and location can be huge factors in determining which software company to choose. Find out if training is available, if support plans are offered and what the hours of support are.

Stoneridge Software has support technicians available for software errors or questions on how to perform a specific function. They are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and provide support plans that include free support calls and free training.

4. Is the software going to meet your specific needs?

Your business has specific needs. Make sure the software you invest in fits what your business does. The software consultant you work with should be able to tell you about not only out-of-box capabilities but solutions from add-on products that may fit your industry more specifically.

We are experts in the software industry and can give you honest advice and suggestions on available software solutions that will help you succeed.

The number one way you can determine if Microsoft Dynamics GP is right for you is to see a live demonstration. You’ll be able to see the features that you would be using and find out how easy the system is to learn and utilize. Contact us for a demo, or more information about the Microsoft family of software solutions.

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